Don't Get Zapped: Throwback Thursday (August 2017)

  • Comedy -
  • 12:49
  • 2017-8-10
  • 2017-8-10

It's Thursday, so that means it's time for a collection of classic fails! This compilation has it all, from soccer fails, to kid fails, and one fail in particular that involves a pumpkin. I don't know why you are still reading this, just watch the video already! Submit your videos to and leave a comment below!!


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Girl Tries to Hitchike and Gets Sprayed by Water
Crow Pose Fail
Ballerina Slips On Wood Floor During Practice
Woman Kicks Man While Going Down Slide
Sea Lion Slaps Womans Butt
Guy Attempts to Flip Onto Elephant
Girl Off Balance Beam
Ladder on Camera Man
Girl Throws Friend into Wall
Man Belly Flops and Creates a Rainbow
Little Boy Mimics Ram and Slams Head Into Fence
Guy Nose Dives Off Bike
Zip Liner Hits Guide
Dog Runs into Glass Door
Kid Dashes into Traffic
Guy Jumps From Train to Train and
Backyard Cartwheels Lead to Broken Table
Mom Catches Baby Fart On Camera
Teen Eats Wood Chips
Guy Breaks Basketball Hoop
Bicyclist in the Middle of the Street
Cat Closes Door on Dog
Man Attempts to Jump Across Rapids
Kitten Attempts to Jump Onto Table
Guy Puts Scissor in Electrical Socket
Guy Goes Off Motorcycle While Attempting a Wheelie
Pickup Truck Gets Stuck in Mud
Car with Three Wheels Drives on Road
Guy while Kicking Punching Bag
ATV Rider Backwards
Guy Attempts to Jump on Stack
Dogs Scare Bear Away
Surfers Can't Balance on Boards
Skateboarder Runs Head Into Curb
Roller Skater and Skateboarder Run Into Eachother
Soccer Freestyler Kicks Shoe Off
Kid Runs Into Guest During Snowboard Lesson
Girl Trips on Porch
Kid on Scooter in Bowl
Dad Jumps Off Porch Onto Table
Guy Gets Caught in Rope
Kid Hits Head on Table During Obstacle Course
Guy Goes Off Motorcycle
Guy Nose Dives Off Bike
Guy Stumbles Off Skateboard
Drunk Guy Runs into Wall
Guy Singing in Car
Boy Off DIY Ramp
Older Brother Pushes Younger Over Ramp
Snowboarder Flips Off Rail
Kid on Bike Goes down Stairs
Woman Tumbles Off Horse
Girl Flies Head First off Swing
Guy Tries to Show off Pole Dancing Skills
Girl Trips on Head During Handstand
Girl Runs Into Barbed Wire Fence
Maskeshift Teeter Totter Fail
Guy Backflips With Soda
Skateboarder Runs Head Into Curb
Guy Face Plants on His Snowmobile
Dancer Slips on Hat
Guy Gets Stuck on Slip and Slide
Trust Fail
Pool Man Through Cover
Girl Faceplants Sand Twice
Snowboarder Catches Edge of Rail
Girl Backflips Onto Teammate
Guy During Sumo Stance Competition
Volleyball Player Gets Ball Spiked to His Head

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