The Drone of Doom: Throwback Thursday (October 2017) || FailArmy

  • Comedy -
  • 09:06
  • 2017-10-12
  • 2017-10-12

Happy Thursday! Let's take it back to the good old days with some classics from the past! We have people failing in all types of different ways from extreme sports to sledding and beyond, this compilation is sure to make you reminisce about the good ol' days. Make sure you stop by our new Twitch channel, streaming now:


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Mother Duck Attacks Camera Man
Guy Falls Through Roof at Fast Food Restaurant
Cameraman Hit in Nuts during Birthday Pinata
Rollerblader Attempts Stair Jump
Guy Tries to Do Hanging Sit Ups
Kid Carelessly Runs into Mirror
Dad Accidentally Runs Kids Into Tree
Motorcyclist Endures Brutal Crash
Skier Regrets Attempting Jump
Motorcyclist Falls Onto Icy Lake
Guy Slips Off Boat Before Diving Into Water
Snow Canoe Hits Girl
Truck Drives Out Onto Jetty During High Surf Advisory
Excavator Losing Control and Crashes Into Bushes
Goat Faints and Falls Off Table
Fallen Trees Trap Car on Road
Men Fail to Put Roof Onto Sixteen-Foot Metal Support
Girl Face Plants Off Scooter
Girl Trips After Celebrating Successful Trick
Snowboarder Slams into Tree
Guy on ATV Falls off Stairs
Guy Falls Backward Sliding Down Rail
Hockey Player Trips Over Chair
Catch Pulls Fisherman Overboard
Girl Face Plants Jumping Over Fence
Cliff Diver Face Plants Into Water
Drone Flies Into Mother's Hair
Gymnast Trips Over Dog
Fisherman Hits Head on Bridge
Hockey Player Slips on Puck
Dad Drops Kids Trying to Ride Toy Car
Skateboarder Lands Hard on Tailbone After Trick Attempt
Biker Nose Dives Off Ledge
Kid Sprays Older Brother with Snow
Wet Guy Slips on Pool Deck
Homemade Sled Tips over at Finish Line
Hairdo Gone Wrong
Hockey Trick Breaks Ceiling Tile
Electric Scooter Rider Falls in Street
Mountain Bike Racer Crashes during Competition
Guy Falls Over Pillar
Fisherman Falls Into Water Trying to Catch Fish
Kid Trips and Falls while Ice Skating
Little Girl Gets Run over by Toy Car
Brother Fails to Vault Onto Horse
Out of Control Car Crashes into Truck
Toddler Makes Baby Cry
Guy Tries to Go down Stairs on Kayak
Motorcyclist Crashes Into Cow
Drone Captures Kid Falling Off Swing
Guy Knocks out after Hitting Tree
Guy Tries to Do a Backflip in the Woods
Guy Slips During Champagne Celebration

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